There’s big news about new restaurants and major retail spaces in this edition of Upper West Side openings and closings.

Polpette has opened a new location in the former home of Bella Giardino at 71 West 71st Street. It features Polpette’s signature meatballs and other Italian dishes. Thanks to Michael for the photo.

Cedra Pharmacy, a high-end pharmacy with plush leather couches and its own juice and coffee bar (as well as the usual pharmacy stuff like prescriptions), opened on Monday at 2268 Broadway (81st-82nd) opens today. Thanks to Sue for the photos.

Scottish pub Caledonia opened last month at 424 Amsterdam Avenue (80th-81st). The menu’s got burgers, sandwiches, fish and chips and a quinoa salad, among other items. See it here. They also have a sense of humor with their chalkboard out front, which recently offered 5% off Tinder dates.

WovenWell, which sells good like belts, baskets and beads, and donates 20% of its profits to organizations helping the mentally ill in developing countries, has opened a pop-up kiosk at TurnStyle, the underground marketplace that runs between 57th and 58th Streets on Eighth Avenue, just below Columbus Circle.

Asbestos abatement has begun at the old Loehmann’s store on Broadway between 73rd and 74th Street, Richard tells us. We had heard a rumor that it will become a Saks store, but then got some more intel last week. A tipster say she saw “three women enter the premises this morning with architectural plans labeled ‘preliminary design’ and Sephora Logo on the sheets.It’s a huge space, hard to imagine even a mega Sephora, even if the little one on 76th is closed, can take up the entire volume – perhaps they are splitting it up.” A Sephora spokesperson wrote to us that they “don’t have any details to share at the moment.”


A new gym called the Fhitting Room is opening in the former home of Bella Luna at 584 Columbus Avenue (88th). Fhitting Room offers “high intensity training in a luxe class environment.” Bella Luna is moving a block away to 87th and Columbus, and its new space is still under construction. Thanks to Connie for the photo and Lauren for the tip.

Gracious Home on 67th Street and Broadway is having a massive liquidation-like sale. After an exec told us they were simply “reinventing” the brand, the Commercial Observer came out with a story that says the store owes its landlord $1.3 million and faces possible eviction. “Landlord Lincoln Square Commercial Holding Co. is seeking judicial intervention from the Supreme Court of the State of New York County to obtain the $1.3 million it says it is owed for monthly rent, real estate taxes, etc., at 1992 Broadway at West 67th Street. Gracious Home, a New York City-based luxury home goods company, has leased the Upper West Side space, which spans three floors at the base of the residential building, since April 1998.”

A pop-up holiday bar called A Midwinter Night’s Dream has opened at LOCL Bar on 77th and Broadway. They apparently serve drinks out of snow globes (if you get one, send us a photo!). “Also on tap is a ‘Love in Idleness’ cocktail that transforms “from white to purple in the presence of love… or in this case, in the presence of holiday spirit… The space is meant to evoke winter forests, fairy kingdoms and seasonal magic, and will operate until January 1st,” wrote Time Out.


A new locksmith and hardware shop is opening in the former home of Golden Sound on Broadway between 78th and 79th on the East side of Street. Thanks to Sue for the photo.



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