WovenWell Launches LGBTQ Initiative With Housing Works at PrideFest NYC Pop Up

New York, New York -June 13, 2017:  WovenWell, a profit-for-good company that donates 20 percent of each sale to fulfill their mission of supporting mental health initiatives, has announced the support of the LGBTQ youth at Housing Works by sponsoring a series of job readiness workshops called ‘Work It.’  WovenWell’s mission is to promote mental wellness through real life skills and empowerment.

This initiative will be funded by the proceeds of the WovenWell Rainbow Project Collection to premiere at their pop up shop at PrideFest 2017 on Sunday, June 25, 2017. Located at Booth B21 between Jane and West 12th streets, from 11am to 6pm.

At the core of the WovenWell/Housing Works initiative is the Rainbow Belt, which was designed by Tamil Robinson, a classically trained textile and fashion designer. The belt is manufactured in the US. It features hand woven rainbow kente cloth on cotton webbing, with a classic nickel D ring buckle. The leather finish has a signature “W” stitch, representing the company name.

The belt will make its debut at this year’s PrideFest, where WovenWell will be positioned with Housing Works. Along with other merchandise, twenty percent of the profits from the new Rainbow Project items will fund the ‘Work It’ series at Housing Works Community Centers.

WovenWell experienced great success with its first initiative in Ghana, funding resources that allow patients at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital to be productive by gardening, looming and beading. Not only do these programs provide purpose, they are creating income and helping to make inroads with the surrounding community. WovenWell funded these projects with proceeds from a Holiday kiosk at TurnStyle, Columbus Circle.

“We are excited to work alongside Housing Works to empower LGBTQ youth,” said WovenWell founder and CEO, Kim Widener. “The mental health statistics in this community are significant as they are more likely to have a major mental illness episode such as depression or anxiety and four times likely to attempt suicide. We want to give the Housing Works clients the skills and confidence that will land them a job. Purpose leads to wellness.”

Learn more about WovenWell, purchase Rainbow Project items, and view the entire collection at wovenwell.com.








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