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Join the journey as this profit for good company demonstrates action to mitigate poverty by supporting global mental health initiatives, one community at a time.

MANHATTAN, N.Y. - Dec. 22, 2016 - PRLog -- WovenWell, a profit for good company founded by social advocate Kim Widener, announces the launch of its YouTube Channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUtkw36H9XuiYKUb0pvYpQ. Experience the journey with Widener as she explores several towns in Ghana and discovers new partners during her first two trips in August and October of 2016. On the heels of her return in the beginning of November, WovenWell debuted a seasonal pop-up retail space at TURNSTYLE in Columbus Circle, New York with great success and will remain
open throughout the holiday season. Materials were regionally sourced from all over Ghana. They were then brought back and cut, sewn and finished in the United States in a wholly women owned factory. 20% of the sales from these items are benefiting the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in Cape Coast Ghana. This is the first initiative in what Widener believes will instill a global movement, addressing substantial mental
health needs in developing countries.

On the WovenWell YouTube channel, you will travel with Widener in the artisan rich country of Ghana as she searches for materials for her WovenWell line which benefits mental health initiatives in the country. Ghana is a country known for its basket weaving, bead making and most famously, kente cloth. You will see that all materials in the line have a face and personality behind them...Rita, the basket weaver, Cedi the bead maker, Peter, the Adinkra cloth artisan and Asante Smith our guide in Bonwire, the kente capital of the world.

WovenWell also launched a "Donate Page" for supporters to contribute directly to their mission and give long term patients at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital on the Cape Coast of Ghana meaningful work to help themselves and others. "We want to show surrounding communities and the world that patients can contribute to an economic system in a substantial way and consequently diminish the stigma and stereotypes long associated with mental illness in Ghana", says Widener.

So far, WovenWell has made tremendous progress at Ankaful by funding a kente cloth weaving program and by renovating and expanding the hospital's vegetable garden with the help of a local student/farmer.

Their next goal is to purchase and install a water tower that would allow the garden expansion to continue even during the dry season. The water tower would also support the hospital staff's future plan to introduce livestock as another job for the patients and another source of income for the hospital. The goal is to raise $10k for this project by December 31, 2016, and to date, 20% of that amount has already been raised. Visit
http://www.wovenwell.com/product/donations/ for more information.

WovenWell started with a piece of Ghanaian Kente Cloth, which was gifted to founder Widener as a hostess gift. She quickly began cutting it up into the now Signature D Ring Kente Cloth Belt that has become synonymous with the emerging brand. Currently, items featured on the website include holiday stockings, tree ornaments as well as everyday lifestyle fashion and home accessories made from traditional Ghananian Textiles as well as Bolga baskets made famous by First lady Michelle Obama's trip there several
years ago. A winter line that has been hand sourced and exported from Ghana will be introduced soon with an exciting announcement about the spring line in the coming weeks. Mental health initiatives need global support more than ever and Kim Widener has set out to do just that by creating the WovenWell profit for good company. Widener's social advocacy led her to create WovenWell after a meaningful and inspiring visit from her friend Craig Carty, who is Chief Executive Officer of The Relevance Network, offering support for social and health development initiatives worldwide. "In Ghana, like many other low and middle income countries, we see numerous challenges around the provision of mental health services. One simple means by which to support beneficiaries of often-stigmatized psychiatric care in marginalized settings is to engage them in activities that provide opportunities to support themselves, and that they enjoy," says Craig. He continues, "What Kim and WovenWell have launched in the Cape Coast region of Ghana is a perfect example of how community engagement and social investment
should work: suggest opportunities, make sure that they make sense for the beneficiaries, engage with local experts to inform best practices, and return profit share to keep the initiatives going." Addressing mental health is an important route to eradicate poverty and human rights issues. In countries like Ghana where stigma runs deep, people with varying degrees of mental and neurological illness needlessly become a burden on already exhausted resources. WovenWell uses local resources to give long-term psychiatric patients skills, hope and purpose while demonstrating to local communities that patients can contribute in meaningful, financially beneficial ways. About Kim Widener:
Kim Widener, Founder & CEO of WovenWell, a 'profit for good' business with a heart, is dedicated to launch what will be a global mental health initiative one community at a time. After years of involvement in non-profit organizations and extensive experience in the business world, Widener has taken time to reflect on many issues surrounding 'giving' and 'aid.' She is now producing signature fabrics from Ghana to increase social advocacy and raise awareness for mental health issues. A world traveler and mother, Widener considers WovenWell as the natural extension of her desire to find the missing link in the areas she cares most about – to enable confidence, purpose, inclusion and hope for others. She envisions a world in which mental illness loses its stigma and is recognized as a serious global issue that has an impact on all of us economically, politically and socially.

WovenWell has retained Bettina L. Klinger and Susan Belfer for branding, marketing, public relations services, product development, and brand introduction and growth. For media inquiries, interviews, Collaboration or general information contact Bklinger@bkdeux.com, 917-930-8654.

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